Eco Evie Apparel X Jackie Ghazazadeh Pultz

Eco Evie Apparel is excited to announce our first artist collaboration with Jackie Ghazazadeh Pultz.  Jackie is an experienced fashion designer and has worked for several corporate companies before branching out in her own freelance work.  Jackie has an eye for graphics, and when we talked about doing a collaboration together, it made for a great fit!   

Jackie so thoughtfully created our Eco Evie design- Save Our Future- and we couldn't be more excited about it.  We really feel this design speaks volumes with what we are building here with Eco Evie.  We are excited to share this inspiring message with people and hope to move generations, young and old, to come together for a better future for our Earth, our animals, and each other. 

More about Jackie:

Jackie is a Freelance Graphic Artist and Designer based in Sturgeon Bay, WI. When she isn’t focused on client work, you can find her with her family exploring all the beauty Door County has to offer. As a lover of the outdoors, Jackie knows the importance of sustainability and how eco-friendly fashion choices can make a larger impact. She was immediately drawn to Eco Evie’s mission to promote the world’s well-being, making clothing entirely from recycled water bottles. In addition, she says Evie’s passion for animals and care of her environment were an inspiration and call to action!