Evie's donations

Evie's main reason for wanting to start a business was to be able to make donations to animal conservation programs, and that's just what we do!  10% of our profits go to programs of Evie's choosing, relating to the animals she chooses to feature in our designs.  Here is a list of the organizations Evie has donated to so far, we have included their websites if you want to check them out.  In total Evie has donated over $2,900 and we have recycled over 35,000 water bottles!  

Wisconsin Bat Conservation Society https://dnr.wisconsin.gov/topic/WildlifeHabitat/Bats

Kid Conservationist Jack Dalton https://www.kidconservationist.com/

Monarch and Pollinator Encouragement Project https://www.cleangreenaction.org/monarch--pollinator-encouragement.html

CARE Center for Animal Research and Education  https://www.carerescuetexas.com/welcome.html

Polar Bears International https://polarbearsinternational.org/

European Association of Zoos and Aquariums  https://www.eaza.net/

Vaquita CPR  https://www.vaquitacpr.org/

Moja, Lake Xochimilco Ecosystem preservation  https://www.moja.ong/ 

Coral Restoration Foundation  https://www.coralrestoration.org/

Zoological Society of Milwaukee   https://www.zoosociety.org/

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium  https://www.columbuszoo.org/

Sea Turtle, Inc   https://seaturtleinc.org/

Pangolin Conservation and Research Foundation  https://www.pangolincrf.org/

Girl Scout Troop #10642 Pollinator Project *Silver Award*

Justin Sather, Justin for the frogs  https://www.justinsfrogproject.com/

Brookfield Zoo, Chicago  https://www.czs.org/BrookfieldZoo

Shedd Aquarium, Chicago  https://www.sheddaquarium.org/

Magnetic Island animal hospital (Izzy's Koala World)

Association of Zoos and Aquariums SAFE program https://www.aza.org/aza-safe

 evie wearing our short sleeve axolotl shirt