Evie's Story

Evie is a super passionate 10 year old who cares a lot about our environment and our wildlife. Evie loves the zoo, everything animal related, and raising awareness and funds to help conservation. Evie was diagnosed with Autism at a young age, and animals have always been a high interest topic for her.  Today, Evie has become a walking encyclopedia of animal knowledge, and loves learning and sharing all that she can about different species of animals.  All of our featured designs are focused on animals of Evie's choosing, and she has a lot more animals she plans on adding to our line in the future!  
 EcoEvie’s mission is to promote our world’s well being, offering garments made entirely from recycled water bottles, and donating a portion of each sale to animal conservation efforts. Help us help our earth and take a step in the right direction, one water bottle at a time!