From Trash to Tee Shirts- The journey of EcoEvie clothing

We believe in using what we have instead of creating from new.  The earth's resources are limited, and in order to truly help the earth we need to find new ways to use what already exists.  

EcoEvie uses REPREVE® post consumer recycled content in all our garments.  REPREVE® recycles post consumer plastic into something new. Compared to making what's called virgin fiber, REPREVE® offsets using new petroleum (what polyester is made of), emitting fewer greenhouse gases and conserving water and energy in the process. That makes a big difference for our future.

At EcoEvie Apparel, we are dedicated to using only 100% REPREVE® recycled content, and not blending it with anything else.  By keeping the content of our apparel as a singular source, we hope to be able to recycle the clothing again when it has met its end of use.  

We also believe that in order to truly do better in the retail world, we need to have a super tight supply chain.  Our fabric is created at a facility less than 200 miles from where the recycling is done, all in North Carolina.  The fabric is shipped to Milwaukee, WI, where all the rest of the manufacturing takes place.  We work on a Purchase Activated Manufacturing model, which means when you order something, that item is made just for you!   It does take a little longer to accomplish this (approx 18 business days) but when you only make what is ordered, there is virtually no waste, which is better for the planet.  

Thanks for reading our story of Trash to Tee Shirts, and know that your purchase is helping our environment! 

100% EcoEvie.  100% Awesome for the Earth.