LIMITED EDITION- Snow Leopard long sleeve hooded shirt

LIMITED EDITION- Snow Leopard long sleeve hooded shirt

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Don't catch a chill with our Limited Edition Snow Leopard long sleeve hooded shirt, these big cats have an extra big and fluffy tail that they can snuggle up with to keep warm! The Snow Leopard's big build and massive leaping power come in handy for navigating the mountainous regions they live in.  They are in Vulnerable status, and hunting by humans and habitat loss are causing their numbers to decrease.

Our premium kids hoodie is made entirely from recycled water bottles, right here in the US.  A portion of each sale will be donated to helping save endangered species.

 Our Snow Leopard hooded shirt will be available to order until the end of February 2021.

-100% REPREVE®  recycled polyester made from post-consumer plastic water bottles

-Soft texture thread on the inside for extra comfort

-Machine wash, Tumble dry low

-Made in the USA